Federal and Public Sector Uses of SevOne


The Public Sector, which includes federal agencies (DOD, Civilian, and Intel), state and local governments, and publicly funded organizations, is incredibly diverse. Each division has unique requirements and processes for security, acquisition, and governance of Information Technology.

They also share a common concern: any degradation to network, application or system performance poses a significant financial and operational risk. IT disruption results in war-fighters left in harm's way, government agencies lacking timely information and communication, and citizens frustrated with the level of service they experience.

In addition, many federal and public sector organizations struggle with IT visibility and transparency - across and within divisions - due to the limitations of a host of legacy monitoring tools currently in place.

SevOne mitigates the IT risks experienced by organizations serving the public interest by providing a single solution for end-to-end performance management across their rapidly growing IT environments.

A number of governmental agencies are now meeting their growing IT challenges and exceeding their required service levels by optimizing their networks through SevOne's performance management solution.

"Since implementing SevOne we have been able to monitor virtually every SNMP-capable device on our network, including servers, switches, routers and USPs. SevOne is now an integral part of our daily operations." -Systems Administrator, Delaware River Bay Authority (DRBA)

SevOne Benefits for the Federal and Public Sector:

  • Reduce Operational Costs - Cuts to federal, state and local government budgets - such as those mandated by the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) - demand that operational costs be minimized. SevOne's agent-less, appliance-based solution drastically reduces the administrative costs required to monitor critical network functions. Customers achieve better infrastructure visibility with a smaller hardware footprint, less power consumption, and lower total cost of ownership. In addition, SevOne's ability to cost-effectively scale with the largest of network environments affords the opportunity to consolidate multiple data centers.
  • Consolidate the Monitoring Infrastructure - The majority of government agencies have too many IT monitoring tools that perform redundant functions, resulting in cost overrun and mistrust of disparate data sources. SevOne allows for the consolidation and elimination of these tools in favor of a sole monitoring and reporting platform, so that end-to-end IT visibility is achieved from a single pane of glass. SevOne accepts any third party time-stamped data into its reporting engine, allowing data from GOTS and COTS solutions to be reported alongside network performance graphs. In addition, reports are generated in seconds - not minutes or hours - regardless of the size of your monitored infrastructure.
  • Support Government IT Initiatives - Whether it is a mandated IPv6 upgrade or the "Cloud First" initiative, SevOne is able to address the need of today's agile and complex IT environments, with complete support for the latest version of Internet Protocol and monitoring in virtualized and cloud infrastructures.
  • Ensure Consistent Service Delivery - SevOne monitors for consistent delivery of services over the entire network - in real-time - and alerts when performance falls outside of established thresholds. This is particularly important when the possibility of minimal bandwidth connecting sites during "in theater" operations requires engineers to closely scrutinize what type of traffic is travelling over these links. In addition, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that target high-profile web servers, have become more frequent, and pose a tremendous cyber threat if the network is not closely monitored.
  • Monitor Mission Critical Networks and Components - The key to mission assurance is high-frequency polling of the IT environment in order to detect any hiccups in performance. For example, operations require instant alerts as to why UAV data feeds are not performing in the field. SevOne provides the most reliable and granular polling on the market, with select, high-frequency object polling down to the second. Sub-minute polling assures performance-impacting events are readily detected and dealt with before they disrupt the mission.
  • Ensure Successful Deployment of New Technologies - For organizations deploying new technologies such as a virtualized infrastructure or VoIP project, SevOne allows for pre- and post-deployment testing in order to check for network readiness, detect potential service issues before end users are impacted, and mitigate risk associated with major change. In addition, SevOne guarantees certification of new SNMP enabled devices in ten business days or less and at no cost to the agency, which allows federal and other public institutions to monitor new technologies in their environment from day one.

Note: SevOne is in the process of certifying the security of our platform according to standards put forth by the NIAP Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme for IT Security (CCEVS). SevOne has also partnered with CarahSoft to simplify the acquisition process and provide direct or indirect access to contract vehicles.