How Telecommunication and MSO Companies Use SevOne


Telecommunications service providers and Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) face evolving challenges, including how to scale their network infrastructure continuously and how to implement new and converged services — all while maintaining required performance and availability levels. Continually increasing bandwidth demands have caused operators to turn to cost-efficient, scalable Carrier and Metro Ethernet. This is where performance monitoring of the IP/Ethernet backhaul infrastructure is critical to delivering expected levels of service. Using 4G LTE and IMS to deliver the next-generation of broadband mobile services brings the additional challenges of multiple-vendor technologies, highly distributed network elements, increased traffic volumes and cell-site loading. Many Telecom organizations have turned to SevOne’s powerful performance management solution to solve these challenges.

SevOne Monitoring Telecommunications Arrays

SevOne utilizes a distributed, peer-to-peer, appliance-based technology, the SevOne Cluster™, where each appliance is a distributed collector, database, and a centralized reporter. As your Carrier Ethernet, Wireless Backhaul and 4G TLE and IMS networks and services grow, additional appliances can be added to the distributed cluster to linearly scale the monitoring solution. You can view your network components in real time on a single pane of glass, including monitoring where the traffic is and what is causing it. Global telecommunications providers and MSOs deploy SevOne solutions extensively, and we stand ready to help you meet your custom business challenges.

Unique Telecommunications and MSO Benefits:

Ensure Carrier Ethernet and Wireless Backhaul Performance

Monitor 4G LTE and IMS Networks

  • SevOne's performance management solution supports the order of magnitude increases in scale with the real time visibility and rapid response demanded by wireless carriers to transition to commercial LTE services.

Grow with Linear Scalability

  • The SevOne platform scales in a linear fashion by simply adding peered appliances when additional capacity is needed, so you can grow without limits - and without agents.