Integrating 3rd-Party Data with SevOne


At SevOne, we strongly believe in the dictum, “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Collect!” and putting that end into practice, SevOne offers out-of-the-box, automated data collection with in-depth data analysis for information originating from a variety of sources.

You may also have additional data you want to incorporate into your performance management views, such as proprietary application data or other IT Data. Or you may wish to integrate with existing management tools, such as internal help desk applications or business portals.

SevOne affords you a number of ways to incorporate third-party data into our solution, which will process that information through exactly the same analytics as we apply to our out-of-the-box data sources. For your custom sources, just like those from our standard sources, our solution will automatically establish baselines of normal performance, will generate alerts when actual performance deviates from those baselines, and will feed those data into reporting analytics.A Graph of SevOne ITSM Integrations

SevOne xStats™

  • Enables easy collection of any time-stamped third-party data, most often from network probes and element management systems (EMS).
  • Ensure visibility by collecting performance data even when direct device communication is desirable.

Enterprise Integration API

  • SOAP-compliant, the SevOne API enables bi-directional integration with other network management and operations support systems (OSS).
  • Supports the importing and exporting of data and alerts, including the publishing of data to reporting portals.
  • Includes these integration points: Network Management, Event Correlation, Configuration Management, Fault Management and Service Desk Ticketing systems.

Device Certification

  • Expands SNMP polling capabilities to any new vendor device types by supporting any relevant SNMP MIBs
  • Provides customers with a free 10-day SLA for new device certifications as part of our standard maintenance.