IP Telephony Performance Management


“Complete and integrated visibility, bringing together both network and voice related KPIs, is essential for delivering superior VoIP quality of experience while also ensuring optimal network performance for other key applications and services traversing the infrastructure.” - Jim Frey, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.

Is Your Network Ready for VoIP?

VoIP applications on enterprise networks present specific challenges for network operations and telecommunications teams. VoIP deployments demand optimal network performance to ensure an acceptable quality of experience for end users - unlike most data applications, VoIP is sensitive to latency, jitter, and packet loss. To successfully deploy and manage VoIP applications, IT operations teams need an integrated performance management system that provides the metrics and visibility to deliver a superior VoIP quality of experience while ensuring network performance.

With SevOne IP Telephony Monitoring, IT organizations can monitor the quality of experience for their VoIP applications from the same system and web-based console that they use to manage their network performance and availability. The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution provides an agent-less all-in-one solution for monitoring, troubleshooting and performance analysis. By leveraging the SevOne plug-in architecture, all of the SevOne capabilities for polling, monitoring, alerting and reporting are available for VoIP call quality metrics.

The SevOne network performance management solution delivers complete and immediate visibility of key performance indicators required to:

  • Assess the networks ability to support VoIP and successfully manage and optimize performance, pre and post deployment.
  • Monitor and deliver a superior VoIP quality of experience while ensuring network performance.
  • Proactively monitor and troubleshoot any issue before it becomes service impacting.

SevOne provides breakthroughs in speed, scalability, and ease of use, providing the industry’s first application-aware network performance management solution that collects and monitors all performance indicators, with no limits. Regardless of infrastructure size, SevOne delivers affordable, real-time system wide visibility, without sacrificing the speed required to effectively troubleshoot service impacting events – speed at scale.

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

SevOne provides agent-less collection of key performance indicators for organizations considering launching or managing IP Telephony such as:

  • Response time measurement with IP SLA and Proxy Ping tests.
  • Call quality metrics like MOS (mean opinion score), R-value, jitter, latency, packet loss, best and worst call reports, active call and total calls without the need to deploy agents or deploy packet capture technology.
  • IP Phone availability.
  • Call manager application and system performance.
  • Aggregation of metrics based on domain (IP PBX), dialing extension, or destination extension.

Call quality metrics can be linked and graphed with key network performance indicators, to better understand how VoIP applications are impacted by network performance. Conversely, users can analyze the impact of their VoIP deployment on their infrastructure, including whether other applications are affected. This ability to analyze both network and VoIP performance from one system enables faster troubleshooting and problem resolution, and better coordination between network operations teams and telephony teams.

Vendor Support
Cisco Unified Communications Manager SNMP, CDR, and CMR records
Avaya Aura Communications Manager RTCP and SNMP
Asterix and SIP Compatible Systems like Aastra, Polycom, Linksys, SNOM, Cisco, and others RTCP, sip-vqrtcpxr formatted data