Managed Service Providers Integrations


Today’s service providers are facing new challenges: how can you leverage operational efficiencies to ensure a profitable business while maximizing your services and meeting ever-increasing bandwidth demands to prevent customer churn? SevOne’s Cluster™ technology enables you to scale and collect data to monitor your key performance indicators, which in turn help you manage your network efficiently and cost-effectively. Each SevOne appliance includes over 15 collection engines out-of-the-box, a database, and storage of one year of raw performance data, and are delivered ready to perform to help you give your customers the service they expect.

SevOne Device Graph For Managed Service Providers

Service providers of all types - including those with the largest networks as well as more modest ones - have deployed SevOne solutions to meet their individual business needs. Customers requiring smaller a appliance use the SevOne virtual appliance which can be deployed on VMware vSphere. When you are ready to grow beyond the available scalability, you simply add additional peer appliances to meet additional capacity needs. No matter the size of your customer base, we are ready to help you meet your custom service provider challenges.

Unique Service Provider Benefits:

Customer-Facing Performance Portal

  • You can allow your customers to access the SevOne performance reports and dashboards via the web by integrating your customer-facing portals.

Grow Linear Scalability

  • The SevOne platform scales in a linear fashion by simply adding peered appliances when additional capacity is needed, so you can grow without limits - and without agents.

Multi-Tenancy and Data Integration

  • You can define policies to group devices, restrict access and segregate data, and deploy shared SevOne appliances to manage seperate customers or business units.