Measuring the Success of a Customer's LTE Migration


How do you measure traffic levels by protocol to track customer migration levels from EVDO and HSPA to your new LTE network?


By utilizing SevOne's object and device grouping capabilities, SevOne can report on utilization and data usage by region and by protocol. SevOne provides an aggregate view of traffic levels by protocol, which shows the provider its LTE vs. EVDO vs. HSPA traffic levels. This data provides insight to the success of their migration efforts as they move customers from the legacy networks to the new LTE network and answers the question, "Of my total traffic, how much is on LTE vs. EVDO vs. HSPA?"

4g LTE Status Map

Operational Benefit

By segmenting reporting into regions and geographical groups, network operations teams can appropriately assign resources to work on these issues, and provide regional reports to their internal customer business units.

Business Benefit

By seeing an aggregate value for how much traffic is using each protocol, wireless providers can instantly measure their effectiveness in migrating customers to the network.