Monitoring Ethernet Backhaul to Prove Network Resiliency in Real-Time


A cable company wished to compete for cellular backhaul business, but lacked a performance management solution that could collect enough information to prove network resiliency and provide real-time dashboards of KPIs required by their customers. Essentially, they had to prove - with numbers - that their network delivered the services they promised to their backhaul customers.


With SevOne, the company increased the breadth of data they collect and can now generate key performance reports that validate the network delivers as promised and expected service commitments are met or exceeded. Having the raw data and reports needed to prove their worth, the cable company is able to aggressively compete for backhaul provider contracts they previously had little hope of winning.

SevOne Generated Ethernet Backhaul Baseline Graph

How SevOne Helped

  • Collected "non-standard" performance data from Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent devices, which was more challenging than traditional SNMP polling
  • Met data collection requirements faster than any other competing vendors
  • Delivered more extensive KPIs for wireless providers with demanding SLA requirements in regard to jitter, packets transferred, packets received and latency
  • Provided extremely granular historical data about Ethernet backhaul performance
  • Used the SevOne open API to automatically export real-time performance data to a custom portal for customers, eliminating what was previously a manual process
  • Afforded the company the ability to cost-effectively scale monitoring needs with future growth of the backhaul business
  • Allowed the company to create new tiers of service offerings with premium rates for higher service levels