Nuage Networks Alliance Overview


Nuage a SevOne Partner

The world’s most demanding service delivery environments are moving to hyperscale-based infrastructures. This means new software-based assets, provisioned in seconds, will need to be simultaneously monitored and correlated with the physical entities and services they support. As a result, infrastructure monitoring systems with speed at scale are needed.

To help achieve this vision, SevOne is partnering with Nuage Networks. This company’s Virtual Services Platform (VSP) lays the foundation for an open and dynamically controlled datacenter network fabric that accelerates application programmability, facilitates unconstrained mobility and maximizes compute efficiency for cloud service providers, webscale operators and leading tech enterprises worldwide.

At SevOne, our vision is to support next-generation, dynamically controlled overlay network environments like Nuage Networks VSP, by providing infrastructure monitoring with speed at scale, with access to:

All the Data

  • Across the complete service delivery infrastructure – Compute, Network, Storage, Power and Cooling
  • Across the entire layer 2 physical network devices the new overlay network relies upon
  • Across public and private cloud infrastructures

At Your Fingertips

  • Collect and baseline billions of performance metrics daily
  • Report in seconds

Providing Service Delivery Insight

  • It’s not just about monitoring devices – it’s about understanding all of the devices and that make up the services that drive your business
  • Automated service monitoring must be aligned with your business needs

Nuage Networks Virtual Services Platform