Performance Appliance Solution


A Single Dashboard for Integrated Metrics, Flows and Logs

Today’s hyperscale-based infrastructures are creating a tidal wave of data and information to be monitored and analyzed. By providing a single, easy-to-use dashboard that seamlessly integrates metrics, flows and logs, the SevOne Performance Appliance (PAS) provides true Speed at Scale – so you get access to all your data in real-time, for continuous service delivery insight.

SevOne PAS is today’s fastest, most scalable and most comprehensive data collection, monitoring, reporting and analysis solution. Each appliance is capable of monitoring performance metrics and flow data -- all while scaling to support billions of monitored objects as part of a SevOne ClusterTM. When integrated with the SevOne Performance Log Appliance, SevOne PAS becomes your single dashboard for integrated performance metrics, flows and logs across the entire infrastructure.

  • Pivot in One Click - Pivot from any performance metric to related flow with a single click
  • View it All - View all data sources in a single dashboard or report, for easy correlation of metrics
  • No Swivel - Eliminate the time drain associated with “swivel chair monitoring”

Get Broad and Scalable Flow Support

  • Pinpoint issues in real-time, no matter what the infrastructure size.

Make the Most of Your Resources

  • Optimize the economics of the business today (e.g. datacenter power/cooling analysis, server and CPU/workload utilization).

Plan for Capacity

  • Confidently plan for needs like WAN links, CPU utilization and power usage.

Easily Monitor SLAs

  • Ensure customer and end-user success and transparency, with executive dashboards that provide visibility across the business.

Monitor Any Device

  • View the entire infrastructure, including network, compute, storage, power and cooling.

Access All the Data No Matter Where it Comes From

  • Analyze data from anything with a time-stamp.

Baseline at Scale

  • Automatically baseline every data metric you collect – including logs – and get alerts when real-time performance deviates from historical norms.

Get Answers in Seconds

  • Consolidate disparate tools into a single platform and dashboard.