SevOne For Application Support


SevOne Monitoring Application Support

"End users demand speed from my applications. I have no patience for slow systems."


SevOne provides specific application support services benefits for Application Support professionals, including:

  • Measure application delivery effectiveness
    SevOne provides Quality of Service (QoS) and application delivery insight in order to ensure end users receive the level of service they expect, whether the application is accessed across your network or in the cloud.
  • Support industry standard application monitoring technologies
    SevOne incorporates Cisco NAM, Cisco NBAR, and JMX technologies out-of-the-box to better understand and optimize network-based application delivery, without the need for additional software or plugins.
  • Improve application availability
    Applications are only as good as the underlying servers, networks, and processes used to deliver functionality to your end users. SevOne excels at ensuring all components are working together to provide consistent delivery of business-critical applications.
  • Measure performance pre- and post-deployment of new applications
    SevOne creates IP SLA tests and monitors before and after deployment of new applications, comparing to baseline performance so you understand the application’s true impact to your network.
  • Monitor voice, video, and data applications
    SevOne is Cisco Medianet certified, allowing you to monitor voice, video, and data application deployment.