SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution


Mobile carriers around the globe are under continued pressure to innovate and differentiate their services to compete.   Automating mobile carrier network functions based on reference architectures like ESTI-MANO, while also automating the assurance of the systems and underlying infrastructure responsible for these new virtual services, is critical for carriers to implement more agile operations and meet market demands.

The SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution is designed to meet the needs of mobile carriers implementing NFV automation based on the ESTI-MANO reference architecture.  

The ETSI-MANO reference architecture defines a series of suggested features, functions and integration points to deliver NFV management and orchestration.   When implemented, the combination of orchestration, catalogs and managers can create a system where physical and virtual resources are automatically provisioned and tied into a carriers existing OSS/BSS systems to meet the demands of their business.  

The SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution is designed to integrate directly with every layer of the ETSI-MANO reference architecture to automate the service assurance of every virtual and physical instance instantiated by the NFV management and orchestration system.  

With the SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution, carriers can now deploy ETSI-MANO-based architectures with the assurance the every virtual and physical instance, from virtual network functions to the underlying compute, network and storage infrastructure the virtual functions run on are assured in the context of how they were provisioned.

This level of automated understanding of service assurance enables carriers to monitor their highly agile virtual systems, with easy to use virtual service dashboards enabling carrier to gain cross-domain insights to how the virtual and physical infrastructure is performing for operations, engineering and line of business stakeholders.  


The SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution integrates with each of the key layers of ETSI-MANO reference architecture to understand the lifecycle management of the physical and/or software resources supporting the virtualization of the infrastructure, along with necessary integration of existing OSS/BSS systems external to the NFV system.   This integration includes the ability for carriers to determine they KPIs across multiple vendor implementations of:

  • Virtual and Physical Compute Instances
  • Virtual and Physical Storage Instances
  • Virtual and Physical Network Instances
  • Virtual Network Function Instances – such as virtual gateways, virtual PCRFs, virtual DRA and more

Along with context of why these instances are provisioned via meta-data driven integration with Virtual Infrastructure Managers, Virtual Network Function Managers and Orchestration systems.

Benefits of SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution

The SevOne Carrier NFV Assurance Solution leverages the collection, analysis and visualization of metrics, flows, log and user experience date to provide:

  • Accurate and real-time information on the state of the infrastructure used to provide access, transport, switching and services so operators can identify customer experience performance-affecting behaviors
  • Visualizations into what traffic was flowing through links at what time, assisting operators with identifying traffic behaviors that impact their users or applications
  • Deep insights into events that are occurring in infrastructure that trigger customer experience-affecting behaviors so operators can identify and remedy issues as they occur; and
  • An accurate representation of what end users experience when accessing applications as connectivity in the network changes dynamically