SevOne For CIO or IT Executives


SevOne Monitoring For CIO or IT Executive

“I need to focus IT resources on revenue creation through innovative uses of technology."


SevOne provides specific benefits for CIOs and IT Executives, including:

  • Achieve at-a-glance visibility of your infrastructure’s health - SevOne provides real-time, meaningful dashboards of network and IT performance, allowing your organization to prove Key Performance Indicators related to delivering a quality end-user and customer experience.
  • Minimize resources required to monitor and manage your infrastructure - SevOne requires fewer operational man hours to configure, deploy, manage, and maintain, allowing you to focus IT resources on innovation and revenue generation.
  • Remove scalability as an obstacle to business growth - SevOne is unrivaled in delivering IT performance management solutions that scale with the most challenging demands of service providers and large enterprises, removing any obstacles to business growth.
  • Reduce time to market and improve initial performance of newly deployed technologies - SevOne helps mitigate risk associated with change and deployment of new technologies by proactively detecting performance issues before they impact end users. Additionally, SevOne proves pre- and post-performance metrics to ensure success of deployment.
  • Give customers visibility of value-added services - Demonstrate your ability to meet and exceed Service Level Agreements with customers by providing a self-service portal so customers can see the value your company delivers.