SevOne Customer Success Program


SevOne believes the first six months following the initial purchase of the SevOne platform is critical to joint success. During that time, a designated SevOne Customer Success Manager will work closely with your deployment and operations personnel to gain in-depth knowledge of your desired business and technology outcomes, your environment and your user community — all with the goal of maximizing the value of your infrastructure management investment.

Features and Benefits

Your Customer Success Manager will work with you on SevOne best practices, introductory product training and advanced configuration of your installation. They will also serve as a primary point of contact for the management and monitoring of incoming support inquiries. At the conclusion the SevOne Customer Success Program, you and your fellow users will be well equipped to utilize SevOne products and services to their fullest, with the following operational readiness:

  • Support portal introduction & entitlement set up
  • Support process & case escalation training
  • Provide SevOne “sprint” product training
  • Inventory SevOne assets
  • Provide SevOne best practice Q&A sessions
  • Perform self-monitoring audits
  • Provide remote management for your cluster

Activities and Deliverables

SevOne Customer Success Program Activities and Deliverables