SevOne For IT Operations


SevOne Being Monitored By IT Operations

"I want things to be simple. Just tell me when and where there's a problem so I can fix it."


SevOne provides specific benefits for IT Operations, including:

  • Quickly detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues - SevOne reduces the time to issue resolution, especially when working with separate network, application, and server teams to determine cause.
  • Achieve lightning fast reporting - SevOne provides the fastest IT reporting on the market, granting immediate access to a year’s history of as-polled data. Any third party time-based data can also be pulled into SevOne for analysis.
  • View real-time snapshots of your infrastructure’s health - SevOne delivers interactive dashboards and real-time status maps that provide at-a-glance views of the health of your office locations, data centers, server rooms, and other infrastructure objects.
  • Support any IT policies mandated by the business - SevOne allows your organization’s IT policies to be applied across your entire domain, establishing acceptable thresholds for network, application, and system performance and the basis for alert notifications.
  • Avoid outages and business disruptions - SevOne offers a free mobile app that alerts you of potential issues before they impact your business. With the information SevOne reveals, you can also plan vital maintenance windows for times most likely to minimize business impact.