SevOne Migration Services


SevOne Migration Services are available to help you refresh or replace your SevOne physical appliances with new physical or virtual appliances, while maintaining data integrity. 

Why Migrate: Reason #1 Appliance Warranty Expiration

If you have been running SevOne NMS software on a physical SevOne appliance for more than three years, you may be approaching the end of the appliance manufacturer hardware maintenance.  Warranty expiration introduces the risk of costly repairs in the event of hardware failures.  

SevOne Migration Services will replace SevOne hardware appliances that are out of warranty, or nearing warranty expiration, with new physical or virtual appliances, while maintaining data integrity. In addition to mitigation of the warranty risk, refreshed hardware can also deliver higher performance for the most current SevOne NMS software.

As a best practice, SevOne recommends planning for a hardware refresh every three years.  This will help ensure business continuity and prevent hardware obsolescence.  SevOne Data Migration Services are available to all customers running SevOne NMS 5.6.2 and higher.  To better understand the age of your SevOne physical appliances, please contact your SevOne account team.

Why Migrate? Reason #2: Virtualization 

Many of our customers have invested in virtualizing their compute infrastructure to reduce the capital cost of maintaining physical servers.  For these customers, installing the virtual appliance version of SevOne NMS software can provide increased deployment flexibility and operational cost savings. 

SevOne Migration Services can be used to replace existing physical hardware with virtual appliances to save on maintenance costs and to leverage your investment in shared compute infrastructure.

Customer Value 

SevOne offers project management to coordinate the technical steps and timelines necessary to execute the data migration in compliance with your requirements and change control process.  By proactively planning with you, we can provide a mutually agreeable time frame in which to perform the services and meet your business needs. 

Service Options

SevOne Migration Services are available in two options: Standard and Premium.

SevOne Migration Services - Standard Option

The SevOne Migration Service - Standard Option includes:
  • Data consistency and health checks
  • Addition of the new physical or virtual appliance to your existing cluster
  • Migration of historical and configuration data, and 
  • Validations of success.  
This Standard Option requires multiple maintenance windows to execute. The fee for this service is determined based on the type and number of appliances to be refreshed.  

Note that data that does not replicate to the SevOne Hot Standby Appliance (e.g. call detail records and raw NetFlow) is out-of-scope for the Standard Option.
SevOne Migration Services - Premium Option
The SevOne Data Migration Service - Premium Option is available to all SevOne customers that have unique requirements and require services in addition to the Standard Option. These variations can include:
  • Customer-specific implementation and configuration, such as xStats or custom scripts
  • Consolidations (e.g. reducing the number of SevOne hardware appliances by moving to larger appliances)
The Premium Option is available at fixed fee based on a project-specific agreed scope of work.