SevOne for Network Administrators


SevOne Monitoring Solution for Network Administrators

“I need to easily measure any parameters which network devices are capable of generating.”

SevOne provides specific benefits for network administrators, including:

  • Easily monitor any network technologies and protocols - SevOne supports the latest technologies upon which today’s businesses depend, including 4G LTE and IMS, Ethernet Backhaul, VoIP, IPv6, and more. SevOne can monitor any node in enterprise and service provider networks, incorporating protocols such as SNMP, ICMP, NetFlow, IP SLA, NBAR, WMI, JMX, VMware vCenter API, and RTCP and SIP.
  • Ensure quality of service and proper bandwidth allocation for business-critical traffic - SevOne allows you to proactively detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues before they impact your business. One-click metric to flow views allow for rapid isolation of bandwidth hogs and faster resolution of issues.
  • Automatically detect changes to devices on your network - SevOne automatically scans your network every night, detects device changes, and updates your network topology records so you don’t have to.
  • Automatically establish baselines and thresholds for expected performance - SevOne automatically baselines every indicator collected, such as data flow, packets, memory, CPU, ports, and more. High and low thresholds for acceptable performance can be defined once and applied across the network.
  • Avoid complex and time consuming deployment of monitoring solutions - SevOne is an all-in-one appliance that acts as the poller, database, analytics, and reporting engine. Deployed physically or virtually, SevOne does not require agents, additional software, regular security updates, or additional licensing.