SevOne Technical Account Management Services


SevOne digital infrastructure management solutions enable you to deliver on the “promise of now” in today’s connected, mobile world. In fact, the world’s largest enterprises and service providers rely on our technology to monitor, analyze and optimize their massive, dynamic and infinitely complex digital infrastructure. When used in conjunction with the SevOne Cluster™, SevOne Technical Account Management Services is a resource that can help you achieve the service delivery goals of your digital infrastructure.


SevOne Technical Account Management Services personnel work with you to provide advanced levels of customized support. With in-depth knowledge of how to best operate, monitor and troubleshoot the technology, and deep knowledge of your digital infrastructure and intended business outcomes, they assist with everyday questions and issues. They also provide advanced oversight of several SevOne services, including:

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Operations Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Business Analytics and Strategic Planning
  • Education & Best Practices

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates management of SevOne support issues.
  • Develops strategies to focus on the continuous improvement of your SevOne experience.
  • Generates periodic executive and customer analytics reports tailored to your requirements.
  • Creates targeted training sessions for users to help optimize your SevOne business outcomes.
  • Coordinates briefings and deep dive sessions with SevOne product experts on topics pertinent to your environment and objectives.

Key Activities

SevOne Technical Account Management Key Activities