SevOne For VMware and Server Administrators


A Server Administrator Monitoring SevOne

“Ensuring proper resource allocation and capacity awareness are my top priorities.”

SevOne provides specific benefits for VMware and server administrators, including:

  • Monitor physical, virtual, and hybrid environments from a single pane of glass - SevOne monitors physical and VMware environments, with the ability to analyze host and guest consumption of CPU, memory, disc, and throughput.
  • Receive proactive alerts related to CPU and memory usage - In the case of a memory leak or disc capacity shortage, SevOne sends a proactive alert to the administrator so that potential disruptions to business can be avoided.
  • Automatically discover new virtual machines - SevOne regularly scans your network to identify and categorize new VMware virtual machines on a host.
  • Improve capacity planning forecasts - SevOne provides capacity reports that identify over- and under-utilized resources and the information needed to properly forecast future hardware requirements.
  • Generate environmental reports - SevOne incorporates any third party time-based data, allowing you to monitor elements such as server room temperature and UPS status.