SevOne® xStats® Adapter for Use With Docker™, Mesos™, and Kubernetes™


Operational Insights for Software-Defined Containers

More and more enterprises and communication services providers are moving toward deploying applications in dynamic, virtualized containers with container orchestration systems to meet their business agility and scalability needs. And, as they do so, it’s critical that they maintain visibility of the operations of both these new virtualized systems and their relationships to the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure as a single entity. Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes have been pioneers in the creation, deployment and orchestration of virtualized software containers that facilitate the flexible deployment of applications in software-defined data centers.

The SevOne xStats Adapter for use with Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes enables users to deploy containers and container orchestration in a software-defined data center, integrated with the SevOne Platform for automated assurance of these highly dynamic environments.

All The Data.

Collect and correlate Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes-based metrics.

At Your Fingertips.

View your software-defined infrastructure in a single dashboard.

For Operational Insights.

Understand the container relationship to the underlying infrastructure.

Operational Insight for Software-Defined Containers


With SevOne you can now:

  • Collect metrics from Docker containers and Mesos and Kubernetes container orchestration
  • Tasks and Events queues
  • Container load, memory and network utilization
  • Process information and utilization
  • Mesos Master / Mesos Slave health and performance
  • Container relationships with the underlying physical infrastructure that supports them
  • Achieve visibility into highly dynamic container environments
  • Assure NFV environments built using container technology
  • Support DevOps processes that rely on container technology


Performance Metrics Gathered

This SevOne xStats Adapter is designed to collect the following data from Container-based environments: