SevOne’s End User Experience


Every business today relies on next-generation digital infrastructures to deliver unmatched user experiences. The ability to detect and rapidly resolve problems with these applications and services can mean the difference of thousands of users, millions in revenue, or hours of productivity.

SevOne’s End User Experience actively monitors entire network paths by using synthetic traffic, collecting in-depth end-user experience data across enterprise, cloud and communication service provider infrastructures. IT and operations teams can now measure actual application and service performance and directly correlate it to the network and digital infrastructure that’s responsible for delivering it.

The SevOne Platform is the only solution that can correlate infrastructure performance data, in the form of metrics, flows and logs, with end-user experience data. With this functionality, teams can leverage critical business insights on what is happening, whom it is happening to, why it happened, and how users experienced it.

See SevOne’s End User Experience in Action


Join Dave Hegenbarth, Director of Technical Marketing for SevOne, as he provides a 3 minute overview on how the End User Experience can actively monitor application and network performance across enterprise, cloud and communication service provider infrastructures.