Enterprise Campus Networks

Gain Insights into Wi-Fi, Routing & Switching


  • Enable enterprise operations and engineering teams to ensure consistent and high-quality user experiences.
  • Monitor and manage the entire infrastructure in real time.
  • Extend visibility from the wireless device into the wireless infrastructure, as well as through the campus network into the datacenter.

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  • Identify Wi-Fi performance-affecting behaviors in your Wi-FI infrastructure proactively.
  • Monitor all Wi-Fi resources, coverage and capacity in real time.
  • Easily view the current status and availability trends of your WLAN controllers across your enterprise campus.


  • Benefit from automated insight into the service quality of your wireless and wired segments infrastructure.
  • Access a year’s worth of “breadcrumb” data on user-specific signal quality to aid troubleshooting, including:
    • Signal to noise ratios
    • Transmit/receive rates
    • Error/retry percentages
    • Channel histories
    • Band usage and more

Why SevOne for Monitoring Enterprise Campus Networks?

Operational Insight

SevOne Solutions help ensure reliable and cost-effective delivery of high-quality network services and business critical applications.

Support Your Increasingly Mobile Workforce

SevOne Solutions provide complete Wi-Fi infrastructure visibility, enabling operations teams to ensure delivery of the expected levels of network service.

Wireless Infrastructure & More

Monitor access points and wireless controllers to the enterprise campus network, into the corporate data center, and on to the cloud.

Know What’s Normal and What’s Not

Baseline user experience across your Wi-Fi infrastructure and corporate network so you can immediately understand deviations from norms.


Confidently deploy Wi-Fi “first” initiatives, with operational insights into Wi-Fi events that trigger performance-, capacity- and coverage-affecting behaviors.

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SevOne provides modern monitoring and analytics solutions that organizations need to monitor their networks today, tomorrow and beyond.

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