Legacy Network Monitoring Tools
Can't Compete

Survey of IT professionals finds that outdated tools don’t support current
and future strategic business initiatives. Read through our resource center to learn more.


Technology has never been more important to achieving today’s and tomorrow’s business objectives.

But companies stuck with a disparate variety of legacy tools that don’t scale, don’t work together, and don’t provide true end-to-end visibility are at a distinct disadvantage in today’s marketplace.

Read on for why:

  • Legacy tools don’t provide trustworthy data
  • Legacy tools don’t scale with growing infrastructures
  • Legacy tools don’t support future business initiatives, such as hybrid cloud, SD-WAN, and IoT

The State of Legacy Tools

Insights from 322 IT professionals who provided perspectives on their legacy tools' ability to support their company's business objectives.


Are You Driving Without a Roadmap?



If you’re driving without a roadmap – stuck with high costs for monitoring tools that still result in a poor end user experience, unhappy internal customers, and no end-to-end infrastructure visibility – you’re not alone.

Outdated tools put up roadblocks to your success: wasting time, costing money, and hindering your ability to achieve new strategic initiatives.

In a May 2016 survey, 322 professionals commented on the state of their legacy tools.

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The Legacy Tool Problem

Shamus McGillicuddy

Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Network Management practice for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) details why legacy monitoring tools can't manage today's complex digital infrastructures.




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