Difference Between a Microburst and Microspike

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Monitoring microspikes offers a much cheaper solution for identification of potential service issues in the infrastructure.

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A microburst, we generally consider anything down at the microsecond level, because that can actually have impact on the financial trading applications. The reason it's important among this stuff it's very much in context. If you consider, you're at your desk and you get your email and the network slowed down as bit and it doesn't refresh for two second, well, nobody cares. Right? Financial services that are links to a trading zone, if you have a slow down of a few microseconds, it means clients may direct their trades to a different exchange and therefore the bank would lose its revenue.

Microburst at that level are very important to be able to track and understand and figure out where they're coming from. Now that's something you can't do with polling. That's something where you need dedicated, very expensive inline applications or appliances in order to do that. That's why we have the Corvils' of the world, people like Endace, etc, etc. However, as I said, that is really expensive. The one thing you can get from a microspike and how I define a miscrospike is a one second spike. If you were to have a very bad microburst, it is potential that you would be able to see that symptomatically within a microspike.

In that case, you have a much cheaper solution for potential identification of those potential service affecting issues. It's not a perfect world if you got a short microburst. You're never going to see it at one second granularity but it can help actually identify those sort of issues.

Written by Bob Pierpoint
Director of Customer Experience, SevOne

Bob Pierpoint is SevOne’s Director of Customer Experience, responsible for improving interactions with our customer base at all levels. Bob has been working in Network Management for 22 years, the last ten of which he spent running Global Tools Engineering for a large corporate bank.