The Evolution of Digital Infrastructure

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It used to be, there is that 6509 and that plugs into that switch or, I mean, that server that runs this application. Now, the workloads are flying all over the place: east-west, north-south, rack-to-rack. Because of emotion, you have things in the public cloud. You might have private Cloud inside, maybe you run an OpenStack. You have software as a service applications or you have network services in the cloud. Who knows what coming from the end users and BYOD and whatever things they're doing that they want IT to support or they want to integrate, and coming down the pipe, IoT.

All of those things coming in, Network performance management isn't that 6509 and that server now. It's everything I just talked about and I need to have that systemic view. The slide that I showed with the Chinese traffic jam, if I don't have that systemic view, I can't figure out where the bottleneck's occurring and I can't resolve it. Right? It's not enough to say, "Hey, but I still manage it, that switch to that server." That's great. That's now 10% of our traffic, not 90%, so how are you going to help me with the rest?

Written by Christian Renaud
Senior Analyst, Networking
As a Senior Analyst within 451 Research's Enterprise Networking Practice, Christian covers the evolution of converged networks in this increasingly cloud-driven, mobile and software-defined industry.