Financial Industry Lagging with Big Data Success

Comments: 0 Runtime: 1:02 Posted: August 14th, 2015

Enterprises in the financial industry are not fully reaping the benefits of adopting big data technologies, like their counterparts in other industries. This is mainly since the spectrum of benefits are quite narrow due to the utilization of technology, which has been implemented for specific use cases. 

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The financial industry kind of lagged behind the rest of the industry, the rest of the big data field in terms of successes and breadth of benefits and outcomes. They tended to have more narrow benefits, more narrow use cases, probably as a result of the fact that they got involved in technology that wasn't quite ready for prime time.

If you're going to get involved in big data technology, you should really evaluate the maturity of the technology, the availability of skilled resources that can work with the technology, because the research also found that just getting access to resources to support the technology was an area of friction for some companies.

Written by Shamus McGillicuddy
Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Shamus has more than nine years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a journalist covering the network infrastructure market. At Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), he is the senior analyst for the network management practice.