The Frustration of Bad Design

Comments: 0 Runtime: 0:55 Posted: September 8th, 2015

Bob Pierpoint discusses how bad design affects the end user of a product.

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One thing I do feel quite passionately about, and this is not just in technology, this is life in general, is bad design. Bad design where the end user or the consumer has not been considered. Outside of technology, you guys must have the wrapping that kids' toys come in that you need a pair of shears to get into at Christmas, and it rips your hands ... Who designed that and why? That is nothing but frustrating.

You see analogies to that in the technology world all the time. There's this stuff that's designed that's really clever, really slick, but the guys that are the PhD geniuses have not actually considered that somebody actually needs to use it. That is one of my personal bugbears is bad design.

Written by Bob Pierpoint
Director of Customer Experience, SevOne

Bob Pierpoint is SevOne’s Director of Customer Experience, responsible for improving interactions with our customer base at all levels. Bob has been working in Network Management for 22 years, the last ten of which he spent running Global Tools Engineering for a large corporate bank.