Is Hadoop Waning?

Comments: 0 Runtime: 2:26 Posted: August 14th, 2015

According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, there has been cases of  open source Hadoop adoption without the commercial support, which result in muddled proof of values. In most cases, a commercial partner is necesary to achieve a successful experience with Hadoop.



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There are some people out in the industry today that are saying that Hadoop is kind of waning a little bit in terms of popularity. We haven't seen that at Enterprise Management Associates, but a lot of Hadoop adoption might be of the open source technology without commercial support, and that can lead to difficulty in terms of getting a lot of value. You need a commercial partner, probably, to have a successful experience with Hadoop. We found that Hadoop was not in use by a majority of the respondents of our research. However, when we looked at it from the perspective of advanced users of big data, those that had six or more projects in production, that's six or more individual big data projects in production, they were using or planning to use Hadoop in their big data environments. A majority of them were.

Other no SQL technologies that are also enjoying a little bit of hype like MongoDB and Cassandra are also only in use by a minority of the enterprises that we surveyed. Bear in mind these are all enterprises that are either actively using big data technologies or planning to use. Only minorities of them are using these popular, these hyped no SQL environments. However, again, if you looked at it from the perspective of those advanced organizations that have multiple projects in production at once, they tended to be more frequent adopters of all those no SQL technologies, so the Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop. When you look at the entire field of enterprises that report doing big data analysis, most of them as a foundational technology were still using your traditional data marts like Oracle and Microsoft SQL, then using the traditional analytical tools that people use with those old school data environments.

Written by Shamus McGillicuddy
Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Shamus has more than nine years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a journalist covering the network infrastructure market. At Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), he is the senior analyst for the network management practice.