How Do You See Traditional Enterprise Customers Leveraging SDN?

Comments: 0 Runtime: 1:50 Posted: January 9th, 2015

Enterprises that have traditional IT infrastructure are now delving into SDN in order to migrate onto private cloud-based environments. As Jennifer explains, this migration is in part to due to the notion of 'IT as a service'.

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A lot of the traditional enterprises are investing heavily in SDN because they're getting to this model of IT as a service, where essentially instead of filing a trouble ticket and waiting 6 weeks, they're IT users expect instant gratification on virtual machines or servers or docker containers or databases etc. All of these customers are in the process of, many initially just for an application team or a specific marketing team that wants to run a campaign, but all of them are in the process of defining what does their private cloud environment look like, how do we make the IT environment more agile and self-provisioned and make sure that that ties nicely to public cloud resources that in any large enterprise are also being used by various users, their end users as well.

I think we see it as the ability to federate those environments because no network environment is monolithic. That's been the success of IP networking companies, where you break it down into distributed systems and you federate those systems. I think that's something that works whether it's a management technology or a application environment. Mobile environments have fundamentally different expectation because a lot of our traditional enterprise customers, especially financial services, are creating mobile banking applications in this cloud environment because their traditional IT infrastructure is not sufficient, and the application teams need something more like a cloud environment to get their stuff done more quickly.

Jennifer Lin, Sr. Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks
Written by Jennifer Lin
Senior Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks

Prior to joining Juniper through the acquisition of Contrail Systems, Jennifer was a member of the early team and VP, Product Management at Contrail Systems, where she led the product management and marketing activities.