How We Get from Here to There with SDN/NFV

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To get from the “PowerPoint phase” to the obtainment of the full promise of SDN and NFV requires an incremental approach. Focusing on “what actually works” allows for success in smaller initiatives prior to tackling more complex transitions.

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A question I get a lot, relative to both NFV and SDN, how do we get from here to there? Where here is where it still allows you the power point slide level and there is the full promise of both NFD and SDN. One way we don't get there, is to lower our heads and say, "Oh well, for four or five years, I'll make all these investments. I'll take a lot of risks. I won't get any benefits. But, boy, four or five years from now, life is wonderful." Nobody will be successful with that approach. We need an incremental approach.

I'll quote telefonica, that says, "You know, Jim. Around NFV, there are many things you can imagine, but until you get started, you won't know." I think that should drive our thinking. We cannot sit on the sidelines and wait until other's have proven this in. We need to get started, and in the case of NFV, get started with proofs of concept. Are the TM form [inaudible 00:01:06] with catalysts? Understand the technologies, but then evolve those proofs of concept to bring in the business processes, to bring in management, to bring in orchestration.

While yes, you can take a big bang approach, taking an incremental approach and saying what actually works here and do it in a broad sense. Get some success. Skin your knees. We're dealing with alpha beta versions of code. We're dealing processes that haven't even been thought of yet. But, until you get started, you won't know, so choose some low hanging fruit, if you will, and move forward.

Written by Jim Metzler
Founder Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Jim Metzler is an expert at researching and analyzing emerging technology trends within the networking and service provider space.