Impact of Big Data Projects on Infrastructure

Comments: 0 Runtime: 0:58 Posted: August 14th, 2015

As a result of big data projects, enterprises are increasing storage requirements and experiencing network performance issues.

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Increased storage requirements was the biggest area of impact for Enterprises in this research. It was roughly over 60% of Enterprises. They were doing big data projects. We're seeing increased storage requirements as a result.

The second area of impact in terms of frequency was network infrastructure. We asked if Enterprises were experiencing impacts on performance and behavior of networks due to collection of big data, but also backups of big data, repositories. In both those aspects, more than half of Enterprises will experience network performance issues as a result of that.

Written by Shamus McGillicuddy
Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Shamus has more than nine years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a journalist covering the network infrastructure market. At Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), he is the senior analyst for the network management practice.