Is The Internet of Things Over Hyped?

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Like cloud and like virtualization there's a certain level on inevitability and yet has been over hyped certainly but the business benefit of meaningful analytics of large throws of operational data which we haven't tapped really. We've had access, some M to M, machine to machine proprietary silos. We've had access to some of that data but we haven't done the things that we all expect as IT practitioners which is, let me Hadoop that up back in the kitchen and see what I can really do with it and if you do that to a factory floor or to a city and now a number of smart cities or an oil rig, you get these amazing ROI curves that are coming out of these things but you can't say Barcelona did that but we're not going to do that and try to explain that to your citizenry, all right!

Written by Christian Renaud
Senior Analyst, Networking
As a Senior Analyst within 451 Research's Enterprise Networking Practice, Christian covers the evolution of converged networks in this increasingly cloud-driven, mobile and software-defined industry.