Is IT Ready for The Internet of Things?

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It's stuff that we've never seen before. It's operational technology. It's streetlights. It's, like I said, oil rigs or C&C equipment or HVAC systems. There might be a lighting system in a building or a HVAC system in a building but really making all of those talk and work in unison is not something that as an IT organization we've ever been asked to do before. I don't have a chef and a puppet script and an automation process set up to do all this so getting hit sort of by surprise with that and, "Hey, we want to be a green certified building so we need to get all these systems tied together." When that world changes and it will, it's going to come at us whether we like it or not as IT professionals.

Written by Christian Renaud
Senior Analyst, Networking
As a Senior Analyst within 451 Research's Enterprise Networking Practice, Christian covers the evolution of converged networks in this increasingly cloud-driven, mobile and software-defined industry.