Many Network Disruptions Coming Our Way

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I don't think there's one single thing. I think it's the fact that all of these things are hitting us at the same time. Sort of the Cambrian explosion of a whole bunch of different changes going on simultaneously, and we don't know how that's all going to look two or three evolutionary steps down the line. You have great innovation going on in application development, right? You have all the different things that are going on, all the experimentation that's going on in the Cloud, and virtualization, and now you have lots of M and A activity that's going to cause that to either accelerate or slow way down.

There's really disruptive things happening in networking. I talked with a company the other day that I can't disclose, but their entire data center looks like a PCI bus. It doesn't even look like a network as I would have ever drawn one. They're so large scale. It's just one big PCI extension, and things like silicon photonics on the networking side that just cause you to completely rethink. Then management and orchestration of those sorts of things have a causal effect. It's a Schrodinger thing where if I can't scale it, if I can't automate it, if I can't monitor or manage it and perform, that's going to impact the development from the vendor side of what they build out that then you would need to monitor and maintain and perform.

I think that there is all of those things going on simultaneously. I think, as an industry, what we've been poor at in the past and will be better at this time, we're better prepared because we've kind of had a little bit of experience, is entertaining multiples of those disruptions at the same and trying to figure out, okay, I've got my BYOD problem handled for now, and I think I've got my public cloud problem handled for now, but now I can focus on maybe the private cloud piece internally and why that's not performing. Really the tricky one, the gaps between those and where things are getting dropped or where we're having performance issues. I won't beat the IoT drum anymore other than to say it's going to make all that look really pale by comparison.

Written by Christian Renaud
Senior Analyst, Networking
As a Senior Analyst within 451 Research's Enterprise Networking Practice, Christian covers the evolution of converged networks in this increasingly cloud-driven, mobile and software-defined industry.