Monetizing the Internet of Things

Comments: 0 Runtime: 2:21 Posted: January 9th, 2015

The Internet of Things revolution provides a big inflow of new and actionable data to industries across the globe. With this new data, organizations have additional arsenal when it comes to understanding and optimizing their businesses, before making key business decisions.

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As we think about monetizing the internet of things, it comes down to understanding our business. The more data points we have, the better we understand our business and the more comfortable we feel about making decisions to optimize it.

One of the things that made the net successful is the fact that it learned your habits. It know when you were at home and when you're not at home. It could predict the fact that you would be home in 30 minutes, and therefore could start warming up the house.

This very same principal is applied to a data center. If we know that, for instance, most of my users come online in the evening, let's say, and they interact with my service, and then I can start shutting it down and sort of scaling it back, that is just a valuable in terms of my data center and the impact they have to it as the node. If we can use as much shared resources as possible, where I may be able to offload now and use that computer, that heat, that cooling for other purposes, that would be, that's a win right there.

Being able to schedule our enterprise work loads better, faster. Being able to ... Cisco has the energy wise for a while, and some companies are using it and many aren't. It's difficult to understand necessarily why that is because just being able to turn off your desktop phone on everybody's desk, is equivalent to a small light bulb. If no one is sitting at that desk, why would that phone have to be on?

We put a lot of value, and we should put a lot of value, on on demand infrastructure. I want to make sure that in case somebody is in the office, the last thing I want is for their phone to be off, because a knowledge worker costs a lot more in one hour than that light bulb would probably cost me all year. That's fine. This is where, again, we need to make sure we can trust our technology and trust intelligence we've put inside our technology enough to where it doesn't jeopardize our core business.