Multi-tier, Resilient Applications Present Challenges

Comments: 0 Runtime: 2:00 Posted: April 13th, 2015

Much of the IT workload is being moved from physical assets to virtual infrastructure. You can now spin up compute within seconds to support multi-tier, resilient applications. What is lacking is the ability to stick those compute elements together without any manual provisioning of switches.

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Over the past several years you've seen a lot of obviously compute being virtualized and server virtualization. A lot of the workloads are moving from physical assets to virtual infrastructure. You would be able to spin up compute on demand quickly. Within seconds you have to compute ready.

What was lacking is stitching those compute elements together to build a network. A lot of the applications today, it's no longer just three tiers. It's multi-tier applications. There's a lot of changes in them. Then they are built in a way that they're resilient, so if some part fails, they automatically want to spin something in another instance. All of that networking had to be done manually. Basically you would open up a ticket if you're creating an application on a virtual server. Somebody has to basically go through their queue and create that network connectivity, and then if things change you have to submit another ticket, and that basically was causing delays in deploying applications. It takes weeks, months.

If you're innovating, things are changing rapidly in your business and your applications have to adapt. If you always have to have that manual process it hinders your ability to innovate. The Nuage goal was how do we take what you've learned from networks, building carrier-grade networks and all that routing and switching experience, and we help them solve this problem by creating the networking piece so it automatically responds, so as quickly as you spin up compute element, it automatically gets connected without having a need for somebody to manually go and provision switches and go through CLI and all that.

Written by Hussein Khazaal
Business Development, Nuage Networks

With over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, Hussein Khazaal is responsible for building the Nuage Networks Partner Ecosystem.