The Network Should Heal Itself

Comments: 0 Runtime: 0:54 Posted: April 13th, 2015

Going forward, the network should automatically detect failure, heal itself, and scale to increased demand. Once you get the network automated, it’s very easy for the application person to innovate and create applications that take full advantage of that environment. 

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Why don't we have a network when it's running it automatically heal itself? You have all the data. It can program itself. So, you don't need people. You basically focus on an application. You develop an application. You create something innovative. Then the network automatically gives you what you need, reroutes the route failure. As demand detects demand increase in demand automatically scales up. Once you get the network automated and move it out of the picture it's very simple for the application guide to innovate and create applications that can take full advantage of that.

Written by Hussein Khazaal
Business Development, Nuage Networks

With over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, Hussein Khazaal is responsible for building the Nuage Networks Partner Ecosystem.