Network Virtualization's Impact

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Originating from the need to create service-enabled environments, virtualized networks have a profound impact in the IT industry. With virtualized networks, enterprises are now able to have a highly automated system where the operations for deploying new services are minimized.

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The TM Forum as we've been looking at the introduction of virtualization and examining where the impacts of virtualization were going to be in the industry, we spent quite a bit of time with our members doing some brainstorming and looking at the entire landscape. What became very obvious was very early on is, virtualization and NFV is really an enabling technology and that is not the ultimate goal. The technology itself, you can get lost in. What was, came out very loud and clear was, they wanted to create a service enablement environment.

We had a lot of discussions about what that meant and it became really apparent that the advent of things like zero touch operations, orchestration and management was really the goal. They wanted to be able to have a highly automated system where the operations intervention to deploying new services was minimized. Their ability to assemble component services and have new service offerings and be able to roll that out very rapidly was actually the goal, to have very flexible business models, so that they could compete on an equal basis with some of the new software as a service type entrants into this field.

Kenneth Dilbeck, VP of Strategic Programs, TM Forum
Written by Kenneth Dilbeck
Vice President of Strategic Programs, TM Forum

Kenneth Dilbeck is the vice president of collaboration R&D for TM Forum. He has been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years and an integral part of TM Forum’s Collaboration program for over 13 years. He has been involved in implementing and developing a broad range of OSS systems, from billing systems to element management systems, wireless and wireline.