Push Towards Open Infrastructure Data

Comments: 0 Runtime: 1:47 Posted: August 14th, 2015

The demand for open infrastructure platforms stems off a need to monitor and analyze data across different technologies with one object model. As there is a rampant increase in the amount of inflowing data, there needs to be more openness in order to gain key insight into infrastructures.

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There's a lot of CIOs and architects who are demanding openness in the infrastructure platforms in general, demanding management platforms that can manage across different technology silos regardless of vendor, regardless of object models that those vendors produce for their technology stacks. Cisco might have a specific object model for defining configuration and state of its switches and routers and Juniper might have its own and Arista might have its own and that makes the ability to extract data from those platforms and to manage across those platforms complex for both vendors and IT organizations.

You see network engineers from very large organizations saying, "Why can't we just have one object model that defines all of you guys and then we can simplify our environments." There's more data, there's a drive for more openness and as a result that leads to the ability to export more data into large analytical environments for gaining more intelligence about your infrastructure.

Written by Shamus McGillicuddy
Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

Shamus has more than nine years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a journalist covering the network infrastructure market. At Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), he is the senior analyst for the network management practice.