Requirements for Monitoring The Internet of Things

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We're probably going to be figuring that out for a while. Step one has to be flexibility and well defined interfaces, APIs, in and out of that infrastructure. A lot like OpenStack, I think a lot of the people who are making money in IoT right now are consultants and professional services organizations, writing custom code to make these systems work. That's not obviously going to scale. So as these systems mature and as the boundaries speciate between gateways and middleware and those sorts of things, how those interface with the systems that manage them, those need to get better defined.

In the short while, people like SevOne, are in a really good position because you guys are so flexible with your interfaces to external systems and you see people on a regular basis. I've seen slides from you guys, so you won't believe it, people plugged into us. We didn't anticipate that when we designed the product. I think there should be a lot more of that coming in unanticipated ways until it sort of what normalizes, but that will be quite a few more years from now.

Written by Christian Renaud
Senior Analyst, Networking
As a Senior Analyst within 451 Research's Enterprise Networking Practice, Christian covers the evolution of converged networks in this increasingly cloud-driven, mobile and software-defined industry.