Service Providers not Prepared for Cultural Changes

Comments: 0 Runtime: 1:09 Posted: April 2nd, 2015

Technologist’s strengths are in understanding technology and conducting proofs of concept, but adapting to cultural changes within the organization remains a weakness.  Few Service Providers have a good answer today for how they are going to adapt to the organizational challenges brought about by SDN and NFV. 


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Most of the service providers that I talk to will say the biggest impediment to the acceptance of NFV are the cultural changes. When I say, "That's interesting. I hear that a lot. What are you doing about it?" I seldom get any kind of a responsible response. We are raised as technologists. We understand technology. We know how to do proofs of concept. That's our bailiwick. We're good at that. Changing organizations, changing culture? That's not necessarily a strength of most of we technologists. Yes, that is a huge issue. I just mentioned NFV. It was likely to be almost as big an issue in the case of SDN, and again, few if anybody I talk to has really talked about cultural changes to the organization in order to make it easier to adopt these new approaches. 

Written by Jim Metzler
Founder Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Jim Metzler is an expert at researching and analyzing emerging technology trends within the networking and service provider space.