What Industries Do You See Moving First to SDN?

Comments: 0 Runtime: 1:40 Posted: January 9th, 2015

Since software defined networks are flexible, in a sense that the technology can be customized to meet specific needs, we are seeing an influx of adopters across different industries. Many emerging web companies and analytics companies are deploying SDN at scale, while Telcos and carriers are making their efforts to ramp up in order to help serve their global networks.

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A lot of the attention around deployments of SDN have initially come with those actually building Cloud environments. Large data center environments or web services enabled environments, because that kind of came naturally. We serve a lot of the emerging web companies and gaming companies, video game companies, video analytics companies. They're already doing SDN at scale. We also serve a lot of the traditional enterprises. Financial services, government customers. They're starting with sort of specific deployments of SDN where they need that type of capability. A lot of the applications weren't necessarily written traditionally to take advantage of those types of environments. Once again we see it as sort of a migration of federated domains.

The Telco Cloud environment or Carrier NFE is another area where STN is a key ingredient of what they're doing, but those obviously will take a little bit longer to be deployed at scale because they run global networks with millions of customers on each network. There's a lot of activity in terms of pox and early deployments for internal environments, but I think something like the carrier markets may naturally move a little slower than the startups in the emerging web companies and assess providers who have had to do it to kind of roll out their application environments.

Jennifer Lin, Sr. Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks
Written by Jennifer Lin
Senior Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks

Prior to joining Juniper through the acquisition of Contrail Systems, Jennifer was a member of the early team and VP, Product Management at Contrail Systems, where she led the product management and marketing activities.