What Is the Internet of Things?

Comments: 0 Runtime: 3:45 Posted: January 9th, 2015

The Internet of Things movement stems from a tendency of making everyday objects more interactive with users. Through using the Nest as an example, Vess Bakalov explains that innovative new products serve to immediately impact a consumer's lifestyles and habits.

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The Internet of Things is really this tendency we're having right now to take every single electronic device we have, not even just electronic even pretty much anything we have around our world that can provide us some sort of data and connect to the Internet, make it universally accessible, make it controllable from any point in the world, make it able to report its state to us at any point in the world.

Starting with simple things like our thermostats. Who hasn't seen the Nest? Moving all the way into light bulbs and understanding hourly utility usage, being able to control your TV and checking whether your baby cam over your phone from any place in the world.

Putting in soil sensors so we can make sure that irrigation is as efficient as possible. We have the California drought going on right now. How awesome would it be to able to reduce your water usage as a farmer by 30% by not irrigating so much on cloudy days. Have your systems be able to tell you and suggest that.

Like, "Hey, today we had a little too much water in the soil. It was kind of cloudy. The fog rolled in early. Let's hold off the sprinklers today." That would be a huge benefit to an organization like that. Parking lots, you want to be able to find the closest spot.

It is often silly things, often things that we think of as frivolous. Often times they are. They could be the kind of things that actually end of saving us humongous amounts of money. Penny by penny so to say or they could just be cool things that make our lives that little bit easier.