What is Project Zoom?

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TM Forum has had decades of experience with providing its members with industry expertise and support. With Project ZOOM, TM Forum has focused their efforts towards developing a set of best practices that relate to network functions virtualization. These best practices essentially serve as a template to provide specific answers to industry challenges.

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We looked at it from the TM Forum perspective of saying what are the goals and purposely actually decided that we would not call our program NFV because it was really more than that. We have used the acronym ZOOM, and based on the zero touch-type aspects and focused on those areas. It definitely leads you to begin to look at what is this service enablement environment; what's required to be able to do service composition in this type of environment; what are the other challenges that begin to appear.

One of the things that we have decided to do is focus a lot of our efforts on developing not technical specifications and technical standards but best practice. How does a service provider work within their network operations and their IT organizations to combine those? What is a beset practice on how you organize that? What is a best practice on what are skills sets required to effectively manage a software network vs. a hardware network? How much concentration do you need on how do I do service assembly?

We've got a lot of work that we're leveraging that we've put together in how do you develop a digital ecosystem. What are the partnering requirements there? What are the legal requirements? Basically a template that said "Here's a number of things that you need to consider." It doesn't say "Here's the specific answers," but it says "If you are going to have a partnering relationship, here are the things that you need to have considered."

Kenneth Dilbeck, VP of Strategic Programs, TM Forum
Written by Kenneth Dilbeck
Vice President of Strategic Programs, TM Forum

Kenneth Dilbeck is the vice president of collaboration R&D for TM Forum. He has been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years and an integral part of TM Forum’s Collaboration program for over 13 years. He has been involved in implementing and developing a broad range of OSS systems, from billing systems to element management systems, wireless and wireline.