Who Is Implementing SDN Today and Why?

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According to Jennifer Lin, The earliest adopters of software defined networks are enterprises that allow their application developers to easily move SaaS applications to a public SaaS environment.

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One of the things around SDN that is a huge change is not only this agility aspect, but the customer requirement for openness. That can go in many directions. It's not just open standards and interoperability, but things like open source projects and incorporating open source applications into this infrastructure environment. Things like Openstack are doing a very good job capturing the community mind share around what interfaces represent the network as a service or firewall as a service or load balancing as a service. What are the key APIs for telemetry or orchestration etc. That discussion around open APIs is critical, but also open source. In the network industry open source has not been sort of the mainstream way of delivering software.

With Open Contrail we released a lot of our code under the Apache V2 license so that we could solve some of these new network problems as an overlay approach but still interact natively with the existing network infrastructure. That mindset around open source and sort of getting into an agile software development methodology and continuous integration and continuous delivery in the networking industry is also driving a lot of change in just operational processes and dependencies across teams. Retooling essentially the types of expertise and subject matter experts that folks are hiring.

Jennifer Lin, Sr. Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks
Written by Jennifer Lin
Senior Director of Product Management, Juniper Networks

Prior to joining Juniper through the acquisition of Contrail Systems, Jennifer was a member of the early team and VP, Product Management at Contrail Systems, where she led the product management and marketing activities.