You Have to do SDN for the Right Reasons

Comments: 0 Runtime: 2:16 Posted: April 13th, 2015

If you are to reap the benefits of SDN, you must have business processes aligned. Cloud should already be part of your business. Organizations that still rely heavily on bare metal servers and a physical environment will experience a longer transition to SDN. Overlay network infrastructures can help bridge these organizations to the value of SDN.

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You have to be doing SDN for the right reasons. If you are to reap all of these benefits quickly you basically have to have both your business processes aligned to ... You cannot have silos and okay, I'm going to go deploy SDN. Your applications have to have a certain level of virtualization, virtualization part of it. You have to know you're already running cloud. The customers that are that, financial institutions are good examples. OVH is one of our customers in Europe who is a cloud service provider. Those guys, they have cloud as part of their business. Their business is basically built on that. Their resources are all aligned. Those are the guys that are successful because they already have immediate return investment that is deploying an SDN solution.

Ones that rely and depend heavily upon physical resources like bare metal servers and physical appliances, it's going to take them ... and then with silos, with the server guys and then the network guys, it takes them longer. Now, that doesn't mean that they shouldn't transition, but they have to basically starts that move now of aligning, preparing for deploying an SDN solution.

The good thing about SDN in general for those guys is that there's solutions that actually bridge that. They create an overlay network over your existing infrastructure that bridges that workloads that are physical assets to virtual. It's not sorry, you have to wait and throw that all out, build from scratch. You can deploy it on a small scale and try it out.

The ones that already have private clouds and have built these on their own ... AWS essentially, you have servers. They've automated a lot of it. That's a lot of work. If you've done that, then you appreciate the value of SDN and you can immediately switch to SDN and get your return on investment quickly.

Written by Hussein Khazaal
Business Development, Nuage Networks

With over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, Hussein Khazaal is responsible for building the Nuage Networks Partner Ecosystem.