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11 Jan

A Measuring and Map-Making Tool for Digital Transformation

When I’m out talking with customers and prospects, the topic most of them want to discuss is digital transformation. It’s the reinvention of an organization’s business processes to leverage next-gen technologies like virtualized networking and cloud-based architectures. By making this fundamental change, CSPs, MSPs, and enterprises can really move the needle in terms of their operational agility and efficiency.

8 Jan

Getting Your Arms Around the ROI of Network Management Systems

Here at SevOne, we’re often asked by prospects and customers about the ROI they should expect our network and infrastructure management solutions to deliver. 

It’s a simple question, but the answer is usually quite complicated. That’s because no two networks are the same. Every organization uses its network in different ways to support its unique operational requirements.

16 Aug

The Cool New World of Performance Management 3.0

Over the past several years, a sea change has occurred in the technologies we use to monitor and manage our networks. While not as high profile as other technological advances like the cloud or virtualized networking, it’s a critical component of these next-gen infrastructures and it’s facilitating the truly amazing things CSPs, MSPs and enterprises are doing with them.

Welcome to the cool new world of Performance Management 3.0 (PM 3.0).

10 Aug

A Great Read on the Topic of SD-WAN

In case you’re not familiar with them, TelcoSolutions is a leading consulting organization in the voice and data space.  The company has over 5,000 customers spread across all 50 states and covering virtually every industry sector.

Brian Promes, SevOne VP of Product Marketing, and other experts worked with our TelcoSolutions counterparts to put together this article on the basics of SD-WAN

We found it informative and helpful – and hope you do, too.

24 Jul

The Cloud is a ‘How’ not a ‘Where’

There’s a big misconception in the business world today about what the cloud is and why it matters so much. Here’s an effort to provide some clarity.

Many people have a fuzzy image of the cloud as a new place where all their applications, network services, and other IT ‘stuff’ resides. In their minds, it’s a big server farm out there somewhere that is replacing the datacenter down the hall.

Sure, those big server farms do exist, but that’s not what’s important here. The whole key to the cloud, and why it’s so transformative, has nothing to do with location and everything to do with flexible capabilities.

7 Jun

Your First ‘Must See’ at Cisco Live! Orlando: Automated Infrastructure Provisioning in Verizon’s MSP Suite

While the concept of automation is as old as computing itself, the concept of automatic infrastructure provisioning in response to user & application activity is new and exciting.  Self-healing, self-optimizing network platform has been promised for some time but is now becoming more achievable than ever before. A combination of techologies now enables a world of automation in the network.

16 Oct

The Key to ‘Self-Driving’ IT

Here at SevOne, we spend a lot of time working on and talking about ‘self-driving IT’. That’s the intelligent, automated and dynamic provisioning of everything from compute and storage resources, to connectivity and bandwidth, to network services and applications.

It’s similar in many ways to the self-driving car phenomenon. Let’s take a look at some of the similarities.