3 Reasons You Want to Intern at SevOne


SevOne runs a very large internship program; in fact with our founders being alumni of the University of Delaware, we run the largest program for their computer science program – key to getting the talent to fuel our growth. We are proud to be creating new high technology industry jobs in Delaware. We had a very successful career fair yesterday at U of D which sparked the idea of providing you with the top 3 reasons to intern at SevOne:

1. Hire Rate - Most of our interns want to stay at SevOne after graduation, currently more than two thirds of our interns decide to come back to SevOne full time. Two of our most famous interns turned full-time employees have contributed to Rethink Performance and play a HUGE role in our day to day activities at SevOne, Steve Mahoney and Doug Manley. Steve posted back in October, Next Level of Game-Changing Innovation for SevOne for HTML 5 and Doug has contributed a few times, most recently with “Deriving” Value from Your Application Performance Data. (oh and by the way, yours truly was also an intern).

2. You WANT to be a part of one of the fastest growing software companies on the East Coast! While many companies have been making cuts since our economy took a huge hit back in 2008, SevOne keeps growing.

Here are some numbers for you:

- 2009-2010 SevOne's employees grew 52%

- 2010-2011 SevOne's employees grew by 31%

- 2011-2012 SevOne's employees grew by 30%

3. SevOne's Culture of Awesome - We pride ourselves on making our work environment fun. As a company, SevOne works as a team. An “all hands in” environment, everyone knows everyone at SevOne. Everyone is willing to lend a hand on projects and events. If a customer needs help, our development team works overnight to ensure the best service possible (of course working late hours also means, ordering pizza and hitting up the famous beer fridge when the project is finished!). Mike Phelan, SevOne CEO wrote a post about our SevOne Culture of Awesome a few years back. Below is a video from Brian Harvell, Vice President of Product Engineering explaining what he enjoys about working at SevOne:

To learn more about SevOne's internship opportunities, email careers@sevone.com with the subject: Internship Opportunities. Don't forget to attach your resume!

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