Google and SevOne Collaboration Delivers New Ways to Gain Key Operational Insights from Network and Business Data

Google and SevOne Collaboration

SevOne announced today that we are working with Google Cloud to give organizations new ways to find and leverage valuable operational insights presently hidden in their network and business data.

Our new, jointly delivered offerings combine two industry ‘bests’ – the advanced data collection and operational insight capabilities of the SevOne Platform, and Google Cloud’s unmatched rich analytics and machine learning capabilities. Together, these capabilities provide enterprises with efficient ways to extract more value out of presently under-utilized assets – their own network and business data.

With these offerings, SevOne and Google Cloud can deliver real-time, data-driven insights with unprecedented levels of efficiency and reliability. They enable enterprises to unify and normalize all their disparate data, and then quickly analyze it to find hidden patterns and trends, as well as the factors that are driving them. Armed with these insights, business leaders can make better business decisions faster, improve the performance of their current service offerings, and be faster to market with new network data services.

These offerings address two major challenges that organizations face in this area. First is having a monitoring platform with the flexibility, scalability, and speed necessary to handle their complex networks in their entirety. Second is the analytics piece – having a high-performance analytics engine, and easy, secure, and cost-effective ways to port their data to that system. The joint SevOne and Google Cloud solutions eliminate both of these hurdles.

Organizations that are looking for ways to understand and leverage their network and business data more effectively should take a look at these jointly delivered offerings from Google and SevOne.

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