High Frequency Polling for Financial Services

High Frequency Polling for Financial Services

High frequency trader firms compete on a basis of speed and low latency with other high frequency traders, so it is vital for them to proactively monitor their network infrastructure to ensure that service levels are being met, and to also provide best execution.

SevOne has the capability to poll devices at one minute intervals and critical interfaces at one second intervals – we call this capability High Frequency Polling. All of SevOne's reports are real-time, meaning that the last polled data is available immediately. Further, SevOne stores up to a year's worth of raw metrics providing historical data accuracy for when trading firms need to review past performance levels with their customers. In our Video Whiteboard Series, SevOne CTO Vess Bakalov explains how to use high frequency SNMP polling for reporting, troubleshooting and trending the performance of your IT infrastructure, including discussing the optimal polling intervals for different device types and for specific key performance indicators.

Back to the Trading Poll - “According to Thomson Reuters, it's clear from the poll that the trend continues for lower latency, automated trading which will drive the need for hosted and managed solutions. By outsourcing parts of, or all of, their infrastructure, customers can benefit from a faster time to market and lower cost of ownership, said the company.”

Understanding that HFT is not the same as low-latency trading, low network and server latency is an important measure of application response time. Our Financial Services customers use specialized switches and probes to ensure sub-second low latency, for a small number of interfaces. What SevOne provides is the wide visibility by monitoring these along with 10,000s of other interfaces and devices. Our “speed at scale” monitoring enables our customers to cost-effectively get system-wide visibility of their HFT operations together with their core networks. Also, as the Thomson Reuters poll mentions, HFT operations can benefit from outsourcing to managed service providers, who also use SevOne to monitor their networks, in real-time, at scale.

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