Making the Case for a Digital Infrastructure Management Platform


The pressure is on. Organizations today know they need to offer unique digital services and experiences in order to stay relevant with consumers.

As the business dreams up these new digital initiatives, much of the burden of supporting them falls on the IT team. They must ensure that the digital infrastructure can handle bursts of traffic and swells of data without missing a beat or they risk losing customers, confidence, and revenue for the business.

Unfortunately many IT teams are stuck using outdated infrastructure management tools that don’t work together, don’t scale to meet demand, and ultimately, can’t support the new digital initiatives that the business is looking to take on.

Chances are, if you work within your organization’s monitoring tools each day, you know whether or not you’ll be able to use them to support new business initiatives. But others may not be so sure.

Maybe your current vendor is offering a new solution at no cost, or a free upgrade to keep you from switching to another solution. Or perhaps management would prefer to avoid investing in a monitoring platform and is considering a free software download instead.

It’s a tough balance. But if you know that your tools can’t support new initiatives and it’s time to implement a digital infrastructure management platform that can support next-generation initiatives, we’ve outlined three key tips for making a compelling case for a new platform to your boss and your team.

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